Monday, April 27, 2009

Mavericks up 3-1, but...

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OK, I'm all for the mavs winning. I'm clapping and yelling during the games along with everyone else. But when I read how this team has come together so well it can beat big time opponents without Dirk and JET, I hesitate. I hear, "The mavs win with defense and their role players have really stepped up." and I get a bit nervous... and nauseous.

The truth is, the Spurs have been AWFUL. Duncan can't defend the paint like he used to. Watch the tapes from 2006. Devin Harris would streak into the paint and Duncan would swat his shot away no matter where Devin went. Fast forward to 2009. Do you really believe Barea is faster then Devin was/is? Old gimpy knees simply can't move. He can't help on defense. The Spurs finished third in the West, and their record was pretty freakin' good without Ginobili. What happened to them?

The Mavs need to get their stars back on track. They need to play like they did in that stretch during the last weeks of the regular season. Playing a bit better than a crappy team is working right now. Round 2 won't be so kind.
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